Announcing the New QREC Website

Margaret McCasland

please note the many resources for families as well as for Quaker meetings.

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Dear Friends — With joy, the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative welcomes you to our new website
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Welcome to the NEW QREC Website

February 3, 2021

Dear Friends,

WITH JOY, THE QUAKER RELIGIOUS EDUCATION COLLABORATIVE welcomes you to our new website: We are a grassroots, cross-branch, international community of practice, collaborating to serve the needs of Quaker religious educators, parents and caregivers, Friends school teachers, and youth workers everywhere. Come into our new online house and tour our new Faith at Home page, the revised Resource Library, Quaker RE events page, and more. The entire website is accessible in English, Spanish and Kiswahili.

What's New? On the first item under the banner on the home page, you can see news of events and resources offered by QREC and other Quaker organizations.

The new Faith at Home page recognizes that home is the heart of faith formation, and most faith formation for young Friends takes place within the family in the busy swirl of daily life. This new section of the website is an invitation to be intentional and present to these moments. Explore the resources on spiritual practice in the home created to support parents and caregivers on the journey with children.

The other major change is our beautiful new Resource Library. Click the ‘General Search’ button to find curricula, books, videos and other resources by title, author or keyword. Explore the Finder’s Guide, a sampling of resources from the collection respectively for religious education with children, youth, adults or young adults, for small meetings and for families. We are especially pleased to offer the African Quaker Library, a place for African Friends to share resources, and Biblioteca QREC for Spanish-language Quaker RE resources. To suggest your favorites for our growing collection, complete the resource submission form.

In the Events tab, you will learn about upcoming events such as QREC conferences and Conversation Circles. This is also a place for announcements of religious education events hosted by other Quaker organizations.

Scroll around to learn more about QREC. Consider whether and how you, and your monthly and yearly meeting are led to join as a member to support and strengthen religious education around the Quaker world. If you would just like QREC announcements and newsletters, subscribe at the bottom of the home page.

We are deeply grateful to Jonathan Vogel-Borne for website design and development, and to Holly Lapp, Friends Meeting of Cambridge, who provided technical support.

In this liminal time, as old ways are shaken and new patterns emerge, we rejoice in the opportunity to prepare Friends to be a light in the world. We hope you find inspiration, nourishment, and tools for your work in our spacious new home. Most of all, we hope you will feel inspired to join with us in this vital community of practice.

With Love and Blessings,
The QREC Steering Circle

Beth Collea, New England Yearly Meeting
Sita Diehl, Northern Yearly Meeting
Marsha Holliday, Baltimore Yearly Meeting
Jane Jackson, New England Yearly Meeting
Kaia Jackson, Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting
Judith Nandikove, Nairobi Yearly Meeting
Melinda Wenner Bradley, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Liz Yeats, South Central Yearly Meeting
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