How to sign up for the Witness and/or Community lists

Nancy Riffer

All Friends receiving this message are on the Announcements listserv. You'll notice that on your list of emails, this message starts with [IMMRSF Announcements]. Anyone who signed up is subscribed to this list. The other two lists are subgroups of this Meeting-wide list and must be specifically requested.

There is some confusion about how to get onto the other two lists. Currently, 45 people are signed up for the Community list (used for news, requests, social activities among Friends). And 24 people are signed up for the Witness list (used for activities put on by groups outside the Meeting; information supporting particular actions or points of view; or opportunities to influence political leaders that have to do with Friends' traditional testimonies (the SPICES) or other social and witness concerns of Friends).

If you are already on the Witness list, you received an email with the heading: [IMMRSF witness] Climate and Earthcare News and Notes from Margaret McCasland at 11:11 am on Nov. 1st.

If you are on the Community list, you received an email with the heading: "[IMMRSF community] Request'' from aleta weaver on August 18 at 5:49. This is a very old message because this list isn't used very often.

After you determine whether you are on these lists, if you find you aren't on the ones you want, you can request  being added by sending an email to Melissa Travis Dunham: mtravisdunham@.... Alternatively you can use the link below to sign up directly. If you are unclear whether you are signed up or not, you can submit a request to be signed up and if you are not in the group, you will be added.

Click on the list you want to join and enter the information.

To send a message out on one of these lists, put "" or "" in the email where it asks for "recipients." You have to be a member of the group to post.

I hope this information enables everyone to join the lists they want to be on.

Nancy Riffer
Communications Committee