Tom Brown

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I share with you all the news of Tom Brown's passing. He passed away peacefully in his sleep early yesterday morning.

Judith is being supported and well cared-for by Tom's children, and the rest of Tom's family members and Judith's children will be arriving this week. Cards and/or notes of concern that are sent to the family home at 5 Rockwell Rd., Newfield, NY 14867 will get to both Judith and to Tom's children - Lenora, Audrey, and Maury. At this time, Judith asks that Friends hold off on emails and phone calls, so as not to overwhelm the family.

A burial for Tom has been scheduled for 1pm this Friday, November 5 at Green Springs Natural Cemetery. All are welcome to attend. Conditions at Green Springs call for boots or other sturdy footwear, as the grass is high and the ground is muddy. There will be an ATV available to transport those that are unable to walk to the burial plot. A reception following the burial is currently being planned, but details are not yet available.

Friends are welcome to be in touch if they have any questions or concerns.