NYYM Mentoring Program is Accepting Young Adult Registrations!


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We are thrilled to open enrollment for the next cycle of NYYM's mentoring program, taking place between November 2021 and July 2022. If you are looking for human connection, space to focus on spirituality and growth, and/or an entrypoint to Quaker practice and process, this might be a really great opportunity for you! You can access the full information packet at https://bit.ly/nyymmentoring2021. Please let Marissa Badgley or Chase Baldwin (the Interim Project Manager) know if you have any questions - mentoring@...

The deadline to sign up for seekers (people looking to be mentored) is October 31. The deadline to sign up for mentors is November 30. The interest form is the same and you can access it at https://bit.ly/nyymmentoringinterest2021. I invite you to sign up AND to share this with others you know who might be interested. 

Here are some initial answers to questions you may have! 

Program Overview
Through the program, “experienced” Friends are paired with young adult Friends (YAFs) who are looking to deepen their understanding of Quaker practice and/or who are seeking spiritual accompaniment, guidance, and/or support on their spiritual/life journey.

Who is Eligible?
Young adults are the focus of this program, and people in high school and people older than 35 who are new to Friends are also welcome to participate. Mentors may be Friends of all ages and all levels of experience.

What is the Time Commitment?
Nine months (November 2021-July 2022) and approximately 40-hours total, with heavier commitment in the first three months. Time commitment includes one-on-one mentoring time, orientation, workshops, and learning opportunities, Before signing up, prospective mentors and seekers should carefully consider whether they can fully commit to the program and its expectations in terms of time, energy, and framework.

How do I Sign Up?
Prospective seekers and mentors should fill out an interest form at:https://bit.ly/nyymmentoringinterest2021 (Seeker Deadline: 10/31; Mentor Deadline: 11/30)