In-person Meeting for Worship

Carol Clarke

Hello Friends,
Just a reminder that coming to the Meetinghouse for in-person worship is now an option.   If you are planning to come, please email me and let me know and I will send you a COVID screening form that you can fill out and bring with you if you would like to do that ahead of time.

Look forward to seeing you this Sunday, whether on zoom or in person!


Where is God in this picture? God is all over the place. God is up there, down here, inside my skin and out. God is the web, the energy, the space, the light ...revealed in that singular, vast net of relationship that animates everything that is. . . .
  Barbara Brown Taylor

The only way out and through—for either side of any dualism ...—is a kind of universal forgiveness of Reality for being what it is; it thus becomes the bonding glue of grace which heals all the separations ...  Richard Rohr