Find what you need on the IMM webpage, we hope

Marin E. Clarkberg

Friends, this is a challenging time in so many ways. Not the least of our challenges is figuring out how to manage without the opportunity to gather for in-person Meeting for Worship at the Third Street Meetinghouse.


Communications Committee has been busy revising the  website in hopes we might help navigate this challenge. In particular, we have worked on two webpages:




The first webpage, covid-19-resources, should have what you need, technically, to make the connection to Meeting for Worship on Sunday morning.  You do not have to keep track of the Zoom link in your email! The Zoom link (and phone number) is right there on the website.


The second webpage mentioned above provides some overview of how remote Meeting for Worship works. That webpage includes videos depicting or describing other Friends’ experiences with virtual Meetings.


The Communications Committee hopes these are helpful for you. If you have feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to send it along.


Thank you dear Friends.


  • Marin Clarkberg, serving on Communications Committee with Nancy Riffer and Melissa Travis Dunham

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