Peace & Social Justice Committee Dec 19 12:30 PM (all welcome)

Margaret McCasland

We are an open committee; all are welcome to join us.

computer/smart phone:

phone: 1-929-205-6099.

[no passcode needed]



–brief check-ins 

–silent worship

Note-taker for today:

Updates on P&SJ activities:

–IMM Budget approved for 2022, with our suggested changes 

–1,000 Conversations: plan one with Earthcare?

–Me & White Supremacy discussion groups

             –OAR driving

Do we want to start one or more new projects as a committee?

    Catholic Worker call for reparations?

    Other ideas?

Have a retreat in January to consider further?

Are there ways to involve more people?   

–posting meeting agenda and zoom link to IMM main listserve (new volunteer needed)

–involve people on an ad hoc basis, eg via programs or activities on particular concerns (eg, presentation on Right Sharing of World Resources, etc)

Other updates on topics of ongoing concern (if time allows):


Police reform?

First Nations?

Clerk (possibly this month's Note-taker) and Note-taker for January

Closing Worship

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