Talk tomorrow with Pendle Hill (Myths of Gender)

Cai Quirk

Upcoming talk ‘Myths of Gender’ (online via zoom) at Pendle Hill Quaker conference and retreat center… this Monday 10/4 (tomorrow) at 7:30pm EST. Registration link:, description below, there will also be a video afterwards.
Gender, as it is often understood in a binary, is a myth, but it is a myth that we are trained to believe from an early age and influences the way we interact with each other. Quakers believe that there is that of God in everyone, but that doesn’t mean we are inherently perfect in seeing how Spirit is calling each of us to be in the world. To see each other fully, we must resist the harmful stereotypes and stories that society tells and open to ones that embrace the integral and deepest selves of those around us and in the wider world.
If not the gender binary, then what? So many stories in modern cultures center people who are male or female, nothing else. We will explore notions of gender, particularly identities beyond the binary, through the lens of storytelling. Included will be mythic stories and photographs from Cai Quirk’s upcoming book ‘Transcendence,’ and time to reflect and play with our understandings of gender together. Come as you are, whether you are a gender nerd or new to these topics. If you are interested in thinking about gender, or intrigued by myths that tell of communities where gender exists differently, or a fable about how gender was created, come!… there is something here for you.

Cai Quirk
pronouns: they/them or ey/em

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