Quaker looking for a ride to 3rd St Meetinghouse for worship on Sundays

Carol Clarke

Hello Friends,
Gwyn Singer, a member of IMM many years ago has returned to Ithaca and she would like to come to in person worship.   She needs a ride to and from the meeting.   She lives on north Aurora St. and has a walker.   Now that our ramp is rebuilt, she could definitely join us for worship.   

I can't give her a ride because I am doing QuakerSpeak in the Meetinghouse and Gwyn doesn't want to get there that early or have to be out for that long.   Is there anyone else who could give Gwyn a ride to and from Meeting this Sunday?  

This is something Gwyn would like every Sunday, so if you can't this Sunday but you could next Sunday that would be great too!   I can't then either because I am going to NYC to visit my sister.

Please contact me if you are willing and able to help Gwyn get to Worship and I will give you Gyn's address and phone number.   She is delightful and I know you will enjoy meeting her.

Carol Clarke

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