today's Meeting for Worship

Melissa Travis Dunham

If you were in Meeting for Worship via Zoom this morning, you noticed there were problems with the sound from the Meetinghouse. You also probably noticed that during joys & concerns and announcements, the Zoom meeting was being recorded. The Communications Committee frequently discusses how the technology worked, or didn't work, for our hybrid meetings. Since the sound this morning was worse than other times, I decided to record the Rise of Meeting period so all of us on Comm Comm could hear how it sounded via Zoom. The recording will only be used by the Comm Comm so we can try to identify why today's audio problems occurred. I apologize for not warning anyone that I was recording. I will delete the recordings after Comm Comm has had a chance to review it.

Please bear with us as we work to create a more seamless hybrid Meeting for Worship.


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