New website for responding to the threat of a Trump power grab after the election

Ruth Yarrow

Dear Friends,  The following is from two fine Quaker activists.  Ruth

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Subject: New website for responding to the threat of a Trump power grab after the election
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Thought you would be interested in this message from George Lakey in response to a possible coup by Trump. and the website. This is critical. Hope you will join the training and share this far and wide to all your friends and contacts.
Here is what I have written in response to it.

Excellent article on How we can stop Trump from stealing the election. Please share widely!!! Massive noncooperation with the Trump coup will also be very important. If All or at least Many of us stop cooperating with the coup and through our nonviolent resistance win over the police, the military, the media, the workers in the transportation system, teachers, professors, students, religious leaders, workers of all sorts - white collar and blue collar, and even the bankers and civil servants, we can win!!!

Warm Greetings and Peace,
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Date: Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 4:17 PM
Subject: New website for responding to the threat of a Trump power grab after the election
To: George Lakey <glakey03@...>



I have good news for you if you’ve been looking for a strategic way to face the possibility of a national crisis if Biden doesn’t win by a landslide.


Friends of mine have just put on-line a new website that will share vital info and invites your participation:


Also, I’ll be leading what seems to be the first scheduled national training for the resistance, via Zoom, on Sept 23 and 30.  The new website has more information on the training, and opens the door to registration. Training for Change director Zein Nakhoda will co-facilitate the training. 



See my two new articles on how to wrap our minds around a possible “all-in” resistance in November.  First, today’s article:


“Mass direct action might be the only way to stop Trump from stealing the election: The more quickly we nonviolently disrupt Trump’s plans – at scale – the less longer-term disruption to our country and our lives.”


Then, a big picture article that led one reader to write this comment:


“I have been feeling lost (where do I go from here), with every new political shock!  I have reassurance, and relief.”


 “We need a plan to prevent a Trump takeover – and this anti-coup research shows the way.”



For me it’s been a busy summer for writing.  In the midst of protesting with Black Lives Matter I’ve been aware of this being the 100th anniversary of the partial breakthrough that heroic women, white and black, made in their struggle for the vote. 


As a young grad student I had the privilege of interviewing Alice Paul, the leader of the nonviolent direct action phase of that movement.  Here I introduce you to her inspiring commitment, brilliant strategy, and innovative tactics that we can still learn from:


 “A century later, the women’s suffrage movement offers a timely lesson on how to win through escalation,” July 30, 2020



Enjoy!  As we face the challenges of today, we can draw on a vital heritage from the past.



George Lakey

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