Family Devotionals: LAST WEEK, but with More to Come in the Future

I am including a note from Emily Provance with this schedule, which includes information about their upcoming break and a  FDS program that all young Friends are welcome to attend.


Dear Friends,


This will be the last week of family devotionals for a little while . . . but we’re pretty sure we’ll be back.  It’s been truly precious developing a community with all of you, and I’ve been grateful for the regular touchstone.  That said, after quite a bit of discernment, it’s become clear that it’s time for a few weeks’ rest.


My hope is that we’ll gather together again first thing in November, when the days are growing shorter and colder in the northern hemisphere.  And I’ll send one message to this group in September and one in October, passing along resources and opportunities that might be of interest to you.  (I don’t want to spam anyone with lots of messages, but I also want to make sure you have access to opportunities that are available.)  


In that vein, here are two opportunities to connect across geography and yearly meetings if you are interested in programming for children and their families. 

Some of you have told me that your home Quaker meetings currently have no programming for families of any kind.  If you’re seeking a weekly group to be with, here’s one: West Chester Meeting in Philadelphia YM (where Melinda is a member) welcomes all to join their Children's Meeting on Sundays 10:00-10:30 AM Eastern time. If you're interested in receiving the weekly email to families that describes each Sunday's program and shares the Zoom link, please reach out to Melinda: mwennerbradley@...

Also, September through December, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting will offer a monthly "Giant Children's Meeting" on Zoom, gathering Friends far and wide for a 45 minute program. You don’t have to be part of Philadelphia YM.  More information will be shared on the PhYM website:


With much love,








Monday, August 10

8:00am EST with Emily Provance – 

Tuesday, August 11

8:00am EST with Emily Provance –

7:00pm EST with Melinda Wenner Bradley -


Wednesday, August 12

8:00am EST with Emily Provance –


Thursday, August 13

8:00am EST with Emily Provance –

7:00pm EST with Melinda Wenner Bradley -


Friday, August 14

8:00am EST with Emily Provance –

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