Save the Cornell sheep

Amala Lane

This is an email, I just received from the Cornell's sheep and goat listserv. Please pass it on:
We found out today, that Marist College is pulling out all funding from the farm and has scheduled a slaughterhouse to pick up all of the animals on Tuesday. This was scheduled a month ago, without any notice to any of the farmers or management, and they notified us today, giving us only three days for alternate plans. This has come as an egregious surprise to us all, so I am scrambling to try to find good homes for these wonderful animals before they are picked up for slaughter on Tuesday.
(3) pregnant does, due to kid shortly
(10) 2 yr old does, who have kidded but have been dried off
(22) yearlings
(85) kids, unweaned
(10) cows in milk (jersey and milking shorthorn)
(1) pregnant cow, due in two weeks
(6) dry cows
(2) heiffers
(3) steer calves
(2) calves, unweaned (1 male/1female)
(103) laying hens
We are all extremely upset and confused by their actions, and I am hoping you can help get the word out, that these animals are available for sale/pickup this weekend and Monday. Please let me know if there is any additional information you need. I have more specific information for anyone interested, but wanted to get this to you ASAP before the end of the day. You can use my name, number, and [julianachristinemiller@...](mailto:julianachristinemiller@...) as the contact. Thank you in advance for your help!
Julie Miller

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